Bummer and Lazarus is the tale of two inseparable friends, on a quest to learn everything, and bound by a shared desire to consume rat meat.

It is a blend of myth, violence, truth, and love.

It is a play where a query about where the leg stops and the foot begins leads to a detailed description of the standard model of particle physics.

It has played in Edinburgh, Brighton, Cardiff, Leeds, Sheffield and Bath.

Next stop: London.


Three Weeks

"A highly intelligent play filled with humanity, which will leave you questioning everything"

Ed Fringe Review

"It’s wonderfully absurdist, a beautiful, beautiful script that feels philosophical and existential all in one – and it’s a delight to watch"

The Reviews Hub

"If you like Pinter plays go and see this, you’ll love it"

Get The Chance

"The show is exhausting yet exhilarating in equal measure"


"A fun, thought-provoking, intense and wonderfully nonsensical piece of theatre"


“Very endearing and heart warming”  

“Flawless execution”

“Absurdism without pretention”      

“Superb acting”

“Extremely clever”

“Thoughtful and profound”

“Unique and a breath of fresh air”

“You can’t improve on genius” 


Bummer and Lazarus has been created by the following people:


Writer: Jack Harrison

Producer: Lydia Harrison

Bummer: Alec Walker

Lazarus: Jack Harrison